You care for your child. You do all that you can to help them stay healthy, fit and fine. But, what about their posture? Do you know that a child’s posture could do much worse to their health than what you could even imagine? With every passing day, we find parents obsessing over the fact that their kids are spending time inside the homes, playing games on their mobile phones, laptops or gaming consoles. But,
The success of any business is a direct outcome of the efficiency of its employees. A strong, healthy and dedicated workforce is the most crucial ingredient for building a profitable company. While companies in the USA are focusing a lot on work-life balance and providing excellent remuneration and growth opportunities to keep their employees motivated, there are some common workplace health issues that need their immediate attention. Given below is a list of some of
For chronic back pain sufferers, it feels amazing to get a back massage after a hard day at work. Isn’t it? Well, no matter how great it may feel, the feel-good factor slowly subsides and you again have to live with that lingering, debilitating pain that somehow stops you from living your life wellness to the fullest. Performing all those activities that you once loved, or even completing the daily chores seems difficult when you
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Did you know that a minimum of 100 million Americans and over 1.5 billion people worldwide live with chronic pain? Management of chronic pain is an exhausting task as it affects your daily life, sleep routine, and your professional growth as well. Most people with chronic pain complain that they suffer from a lack of focus, strength and sound sleep, which in turn affects their energy levels and life routine. Pain management treatment is categorized
Who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit? While each one of us has a different understanding of a healthy diet and exercise routine, some best practices to maintain a healthier lifestyle never change. Every day at Wellness Care Chiro, we witness patients who complain about simple body aches that could have been easily prevented by restraining from unhealthy food and lifestyle habits. It is already six months past 2017, and if you’re having a

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