Top Health Trends
The year 2017 has been a godsend for fitness freaks. With several wellness trends topping the charts for almost the entire year, the year proved to be a remarkable one for health and wellness freaks. From keto diet to collagen concoctions, a long list of things kept health-conscious people on their toes. Now that 2017 has ended on a great note (health wise), let’s take a look at the top health trends of the previous
Chiropractic rehabilitation
Bringing a child into this world is one of the most beautiful experiences ever. Of course, the rosy glow of pregnancy starts to fade post-delivery, but the memories that the journey of motherhood brings along will stay with you forever. After giving birth to your little bundle of joy, you may notice that some less pleasant side effects of pregnancy continue to linger. Post-delivery back pain is one such condition that may stop you from
sports injury, chiropractic rehabilitation, muscle sprain, recovery
There is no denying that athletes are highly vulnerable to injuries and pains, especially musculoskeletal injuries. Be it football, basketball, baseball or tennis – chances of getting injured on the sports field are unavoidable. The question is what would be the best way to treat sports injuries? Well, comprehensive chiropractic care can be the answer to this question. This form of treatment, not only speeds up the results of sports injury rehabilitation but also prepares your
Brisk Walking
Brisk walking is like a wholesome diet which supplies all nutrients. It is the cheapest form of exercise and expensive gym membership costs are saved. The only investment is perhaps a good pair of walking shoes. Brisk walking is a relative term and it varies from person to person. Brisk for some may be slow or speedy for others. A general measure is 100 steps per minute. Today doctors recommend walking for many patients. Health
Healthy heart
Your heart works nonstop and taking care of it is essential. You are never too young or too old to take care of your heart. Making the right choices and few changes in your lifestyle will go a long way in keeping your heart healthy and your life happier. Some of the essential tips you need to know are given below. Sleep well The right amount of sleep is essential for a healthy heart. Studies

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