Who doesn’t want to be healthy and fit? While each one of us has a different understanding of a healthy diet and exercise routine, some best practices to maintain a healthier lifestyle never change. Every day at Wellness Care Chiro, we witness patients who complain about simple body aches that could have been easily prevented by restraining from unhealthy food and lifestyle habits. It is already six months past 2017, and if you’re having aRead More
Biking to work is a healthy option to driving a 5 mile bike trip to work should take you about 30 mins or less,and you get the the extra benefit of a second workout when you bike home at the end of the day. Working out effectively in order to remain active and slim down does not suggest you have to go out and purchase expensive equipment or sign up with a gym. Some ofRead More
Exercising alone, day after day can easily get boring. You might find yourself quitting your fitness regimen after simply a week or 2, and with no one to hold you responsible, you’re off the wagon again. A basic way to fix this is to find a partner with similar physical fitness goals to work out with. Attempt a few of these ideas for working out with a partner to keep you on track. If youRead More
Frisco Chiropractor Gets Neck Pain Relief For Computer Users Any Frisco chiropractor knows that sitting at a desk staring at a laptop computer for hours can cause health problems. The typical “computer hunch” posture invites neck, shoulder, and back trouble. How Computers Cause Neck Pain As a Frisco chiropractor I see patients with all sorts of computer-related complaints. It is a sign of the times and, unfortunately, one that will not go away anytime soon.Read More
Frisco Chiropractor Answers Treatment FAQs As a Frisco chiropractor, I receive many questions from patients. Here are the questions I am most commonly asked about chiropractic. I hope that this information clears up some misunderstandings about chiropractic adjustments. What is a subluxation? A subluxation is actually a dislocation of a vertebra or spinal segment that places harmful pressure on the spinal nerves. This pressure compromises the nervous system, causing pain, dysfunction or other symptoms. SomeoneRead More

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