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After being prodded on numerous occasions for the past 5 years by my wife to see Dr.Stowell for my lower back pain, I finally took her advice and mad an appointment to see Dr. Stowell. After just one visit I was shocked to fee so mus better. I can stand up straight again without any pain in my lower bac caused by sciatic never problem. I have been living with this pain for over 20 year on and off and have been to other chiropractors with no relief. I also realized that the pain in my left shoulder was gone as well ... This all happened after the first visit!! I would highly recommend Dr.Stowell to anyone living with pain . Dr. Stowell is amazing and chnage my life!!

Frank Allegro

Of the four chiropractors in the Dallas area I've worked with Dr. Stowell is the best by far. My curved spine and weak stomach muscles on one side (from old-style gall bladder surgery) used to mean that I was in continuous pain. Grant quickly improved that with GREAT back and neck adjustments.

Dennis Foreman

Dr. Stowell has helped me a lot in the short time i have been seeing him. When I first went to him I couldn't stand up straight and I was in a lot of pain. Now I am able to do the physical activity that my back issues prevented. I highly recommend Dr. Stowell.

Ralph Parker

Dr. Stowell never fails to get a good adjustment even in a bigger guy, like myself. Also, in my most recent visit - with minor explanation of the triggers of my pain, he quickly diagnosed the problem, did soft tissue work to my tight hamstring and I immediately felt relief from the lower back pain I was experiencing.

Phillp Riedel

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